Who is this Alxndr guy? 

That’s me, Alexander, the founder of Left Coast DJ. I’ve been DJing by the name Alxndr in the Bay Area for more than fifteen years.

Your prices seem kind of high – why is that? 

My prices might be more than you would find with some other DJs for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I’m told I’m very good at what I do. I’ve got more than 15 years of experience making people dance. I’m very professional and make your event as seamless as possible so you and your guests can focus on enjoying yourself. If price is holding you back from booking me feel free to shoot me an email and explain your situation. For certain events/occasions I may be able to offer discounts, particularly on off-peak times (weekdays, winter weddings, etc).

Can you help us plan our our event? 

Gladly. I’ve got years of experience guiding clients to shape successful events. I’ve been a party producer myself so I’ve got the experience to back up my ideas.

Do you also MC events? 

Yes! But I definitely don’t overdo it. There’s nothing anyone hates more than a talkative DJ. It’s all about the music.

Do you travel out of the Bay Area? 

Yes, definitely. I charge $1/mile roundtrip. Tell me where you want me.

Can you play vinyl records? 

Gladly. I do add a surcharge of $150 to bring my turntables and vinyl records, however. They’re very heavy!

You know that one song that goes “dah-dah-dah dum dah-dah whoooo?” 

Probably. Can you whistle it?